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Meet Heather. This is our coach at Crossfit Lethbridge. She is one of the most kindest, humblest, hard working sweetest person I know. She not only is one of the strongest people I know but one of the best Crossfit coaches out there! I am so so so glad that I convinced Heather to let me do these pictures of her! They turned out absolutely just the way I had pictured!!! When we first joined Crossfit I was so intimidated by the concept of “Crossfit” but as we joined and as we came to be apart of our Crossfit family we realized it really doesn’t matter at all what fitness level your at as long as your willing to work they work with you. It was incredible my first months at Crossfit I remember thinking I would NEVER be able to do a pullup or lift those heavy weights after a matter of time I got my first pullup and was ecstatic! I think everyone who has done a Crossfit class knows you get sort of addicted because there is ALWAYS something you are trying to achieve even if you have been doing it for years and years, whether its your first pushups, box jump, double under, pullup or muscle up your always trying new things and accomplishing them with the help of these fabulous coaches! Thank you Heather and all the coaches at Crossfit Lethbridge for helping me and EVERYONE at the gym be the very best they can be! If your looking to change your workout GO to CFL. They are amazing in there and like I said the coaches work with you to modify everything for you! I promise you won’t regret it! Check out these awesome pics of Heather Gillespie. She has been a competitor in the Crossfit Games and is an amazing athlete!!! Thanks again for hanging out with me.

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Ok I had the most fun with this shoot! I had the privaldge to work with Sia Papadopoulos who is starting her event planning business and we had the pleasure of her styling this gorgeous Valentines shoot. This couple was so fun to work with and I am in LOVE with this cute couple! Head on over to Convey The Moment BLOG and check out her fun place on the web! Thanks again for such a fun shoot!!!

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