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March 30, 2012

OK I had so much fun with this shoot! This was the WINNER of our fabulous little giveaway a while back! She rocked the shoot! She had slipped back into her wedding dress and we went and did some shooting! It was so fun hanging out and being able to capture her beauty!Thanks Rachel it was such a blast!

Make Up done by Make Up Asylum


Baby Emmeline

March 7, 2012

What a beautiful name Emmeline. She was just as adorable as her name is. She was so sweet and cuddly. I had so much fun snuggling her and hanging out with their adorable family! Grandma was able to come for photos and it was really fun visiting mom and grandma and most of all snuggling this sweet angel. She has quite the birth story  and was a bit of a shock as she was 3 weeks early but none the less she was perfect in everyday! Can I say it enough.. I love my job. Love it! Enjoy this sweet sneak peak of little Emmeline. Check out this sweet video of Emmeline and family. It was so fun to share as their surprise!! I am now offering video/photo sessions contact me for more details!

(there is music so if your at work you may want to turn the volume down. If you are at home you may want to turn it up!! Enjoy)

Emmeline from mandybakerphotography on Vimeo.