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October 25, 2011

Sometimes the best things in life are the most simple things.

Jones Family

October 24, 2011

Oh how much I loved this session. This family so great and we had so much fun and NOT that much wind! I was so happy! Thanks again we sure miss you guys! xo


Oh this family was so fun to be with! They are so so cute and so fun! It was a blast and thank you so much for your patience. I sure hope you enjoy them! XOXO


I wanted to post this picture because I am asked a lot about pictures, taking them, post processing ect. I LOVE PHOTOSHOP! It’s one of my favorite aspects of photography! I love taking the pictures but I LOVE ME some good ol photoshop! I have been asked before to post a before and after before but have been reluctant to do so. But I have decided to post them every Friday. This way you can see the power of photoshop! Thanks for all the questions and emails about different aspects of photography, keep them coming I love to talk about it! Enjoy the before and after. (on a Monday night)

I can’t say enough about these folks. I won’t lie we lucked out and got just a few minutes of nice weather that night while we got a few good shots lol! We are missing one brother in this picture but we thought it would be nice to do a quick lil photoshoot before we left to Boston. We sure miss you guys and love you to peices. I can honestly say I love my inlaws! They are both such sincere, honest, kind and fabulous people! ALL of them! I know some people say they don’t get along with their inlaws?? I think are you nuts… I love mine! My boys can’t get enough of their nana and I would die if I went a day or two without her phone calls! We love you Nana! I also can’t express how much I love my sister in law as well! I know that we are family for a reason, she is not just my “sister in law” she has become more like a sister and I miss her so much. Thank you for being so good to ken and I. We love you guys so much!!!



I am so excited to be sharing this awesome wedding FINALLY!! Thank you so much for your patience as the move to Boston put me back a bit. Thank you! This couple was SUPERB to photograph! It was soo fun to hang out with them!! I mean look at their pictures you can just tell how smitten they were with eachother and how fun they have together! He adores her and it was so apparent how much he loves her! Congratulations you two I wish you all the best in the years to come! xoxo