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Wow, I can’t believe we got one. We finally did it! And we got one!! I can’t express to you how much I love these people! I can’t even begin to tell you how much they mean to me and my little family. I am so happy with how these turned out and I it just makes me so excited ( and a little homesick) to post these! I love you all!!! Miss you!!


(It really all started when these two fell in love…)

To get this….

And who would of thought it would be this one day???

I love the look on Cynth’s face here… She really is in PURE HEAVEN when she has all these rascals around her! What amazing Grandparents our children get to have!

Im working on putting the video that goes along with this photo. It was unreal the amount of LOOK THIS WAY, HEY HEY HEY, SMILE SMILE SMILE, CHEEEEEEESE, WAHOOO’s that were happening by all the parents hahaha.

Gosh I love these ladies. They really are all my best friends. One time we were asked, “do you guys ever fight? Is this all an act? Do you really just act like you like eachother when you are out and about but when your by yourself do you fight?” I have to honestly say I don’t remember really ever fighting with anyone of these gals. I don’t know how we got so lucky. We really are just all friends! Love you gals! Miss you all so much! xoxo

Wayne and his little Look a Likes…

Sometimes we claim them… and sometimes we don’t….

Apple Picking

September 25, 2011

Well we got to Boston and we sure love it!! It is soo beautiful here and honestly a photographers DREAM! It is soo green and lush! The other day we were asked to go apple picking with a bunch of ladies and oh my heavens we had so much fun!!! What great kids I have and they had a blast picking the apples.

Well it was time again this year to do some family photos of the Baker Clan!! I can’t say thank you enough to my good friend and fellow photographer Kelsey Pankhurst for the fabulous fabulous job she did and for playing and hanging out with us! (ALL NIGHT) lol. I wanted to get some nice family pictures first… lol but then we needed some where we were in our element, where we could play, laugh, work ect… I can’t say to you how much I love my little family! My husband’s smile is to die for! He is so stinken adorable and may I add pretty good lookin and I have the sweetest lil boys around! Sorry there are a lot of pictures.



OK so FINALLY I have internet here in good ol BOSTON! But I had to post these sweet pictures!!! What a fun time I had hanging out with them and watching how cute and in love they were with eachother! Congrats again!