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A little Clarification.

July 18, 2011

I just wanted to post a little personal post tonight to clarify something. I just wanted everyone to know that I am taking a little break this summer not because I don’t absolutely love my job, but because well… we are moving to Boston. I heard someone say to me that they understood that jobs get old and boring…. Ladies and Gentlemen may I clearly state I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my job! Love it! I am smitten in love with it. I love taking pictures of your children! I love taking pictures of your newborns let alone cuddling and kissing them!!! I love taking pictures of your cute pregnant bellies!! And I love taking pics of you stunning brides!!!

I just wanted to clarify this up. I am not taking a break because I don’t love it anymore; I am taking a break because of a few reasons.

1.     Moving across the country and into a new country can get a little stressful lol….

2.     These cute faces… I need to spend more time with these two cute faces this summer. I have always worked and just need a little time to do the “mommy thing.’ (Only a mom understands that comment.)

3. And third, moments like these. I love my family. I love my friends. I want to be able to spend these last 4 weeks kissing, squeezing and loving on my cute cute family. My nieces, nephews, friends and family!

4.    And lastly, health. It’s very important to me and I need some time to just be a mom and cherish those moments for now. You never know what your story may be, so cherish those sweet moments with your babies. Hug that cute baby of yours one more time tonight before laying them down to sleep. Kiss your husband one more time, look into his eyes and really tell him you love him, and lastly thank the heavens above for the amazing blessings we all have in life!

So this is the reason I am taking a “break” I just wanted to spend some time with my sweet family, to be a momma bear and just well….. get ready for BOSTON! I am excited to keep going in Boston and to be able to see all the gorgeous sites and to be able to capture them! I will be back though! I will be back! I appreciate all your support and business and know that you all have truly not just been clients to me you have become life long friends and I will cherish that forever!