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May 13, 2014

I had so much fun with this adorable family. They were so relaxed and we had a great time. What a beautiful family and the one day we got that was nice this spring lol. Thanks again you guys enjoy your sneak peak!

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I had such a fun time with this family. What adorable outfits and what a fun group they were. These children were so easy to photograph they just did whatever I said to do. Loved it! Thanks again for hanging out and enjoy your sneak!!

Ok I was so so so excited when this cute adorable family contacted me to do their photos! They are so fun and so cute and isn’t that little baby the cutest little one you have ever seen!!! Oh I had so much fun with them and we had such cool skies that night. Enjoy your sneak you guys!



Blackwell Family

June 20, 2013

I can’t believe that Ben is old enough to serve a mission?!! I was so excited that he was still here when we got home from Boston so we could say goodbye. He is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Guam. He is going to do so fabulous and has so much support from family and friends. It was so nice that they were all able to be together one last time before he took off so we decided to snap some photos of this fabulous family. Sure love these guys! Enjoy your sneak


This post makes me so homesick for our Boston Family! I remember the first time we met this adorable fun family. We were at a party Ken and I and Ken said to me, ” I really want to get to know that couple over there” So being the chatty girl I am I started talking to this girl! We instantly just fell in love with these two and then when we found out they had a daughter Preston’s age we couldn’t wait to get together! They have been such a blessing in our life! As we lived in Boston being so far away from family they just became our family! We couldn’t of asked for better friends. Thank you for everything. We miss you guys so much and love ya bunches! We can’t wait for you to come and visit us here in Canada!!! xoxoxo

Enjoy your sneak peak.
(Are they not the most photogenic family ever!!! Love me that little sweet girl!!!)



Harris Family

November 20, 2012

I had the best time hanging out with these guys. This is my rad brother and his adorable family! Are these kids not adorable! They all look like they just walked out of a magazine. I love all of them!! Thank you guys so much for such a fun night we sure miss you guys and wish we lived closer to ya. Love you all! xoxo

Make sure to check the last photo. Its probably one of my favorite family pictures taken haha.

Best. Family. Photo. EVER….

McDonald Family

November 20, 2012
I don’t know what to say about this adorable family without getting all teary eyed except…. well I miss them so incredibly much. This is my beautiful sister and her gorgeous family! We had such a fun time with them while we were home and can’t wait to get back home to hang out again or better yet for them to come see us in Boston!!! We love you guys so much and can’t wait to see you soon! 😉 Love you!

Desmarais Family

November 18, 2012

I had so much fun with this cute adorable family! They were so much fun and so easy to get along with!! I had such a great time hanging out with them! Thanks again and enjoy your sneak!

So I have had a lot of comments and questions on what its like for real on a photo shoot with kids. I am not going to lie.  I LOVE MY JOB!!! Does that mean though that probably once in a session a child may break down and cry or get in a fight with a sibling? Does it mean that they sit perfect the whole time? They smile for every picture? hahahahaha I just laugh inside when parents say, “oh man I bet other kids are NEVER like this in other family sessions” This comment makes me giggle inside every time. Kids are kids and they are going to be funny, they are going to be “bad” they are going to not smile sometimes, and they may have the occasional melt down. It just makes me laugh thinking of every photo shoot I’ve done. I love my sweet clients and their amazing kids. I love kids! I have 2 amazing ones of my own and I know that they aren’t going to be perfectly sitting still for every picture. So (with permission of my sister) I decided to show you how a real session with me normally looks like. I take a ton of pictures but I don’t care as long as the kids are having fun and giving me real smiles. We laugh, we play, we jump, we giggle, we bribe (somtimes) and just generally have a great time. I love my job and I love to be able to hang out and get to know people and their cute families. It has been a pleasure for me this past year to photograph your cute families and thank you for letting me be me and play with your kiddos and have fun with you all too.

Here is the sneak of my sisters cute kids. This is how a session with me really goes…

I love these sweet sweet smiles and miss you kids so much!! We love you and thanks for playing with Auntie!!!

Wilson Family

July 6, 2012

I can’t say enough good things about this adorable family! I had so much fun with them that time just slipped right away. They were so happy, so energetic and were so willing to do whatever! You could defiantly feel the love they have for each other and it was such a treat to be able to hang out with them that night! I hope you guys enjoy your sneak peak! You are such an adorable adorable family! xo