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This year of weddings has been an absolute blast for me. This was my last wedding of 2015 and I felt I got to finish the year with a BANG! Hayley’s family and mine have been friends for years and she is just the sweetest girl I’ve ever met!! When she told me she was getting married I was soooo excited for her we chatted about doing the wedding but I knew I was going to Hawaii in December and somehow wasn’t sure if we could make it work. I knew I wasn’t going to the same island and I’m still not sure how it all went down but it all got to happen and I am so so grateful as it was probably one of the funnest, beautiful, exciting weddings ever! They were all so welcoming and I felt so apart of the wedding and their family. I have never laughed so much in one week it was just a blast to be there and apart of this family!  I have been wanting to post this blog post but I wanted to post all the details as I just wanted to remember what a fun week that was! Thank you to Hayley and Fletcher  (and company) for being one of the greatest couples on this planet and making me feel so welcomed and having so much fun! They were the best couple to work with and obviously you can see probably one of the most beautiful photogenic couples as well! Thank you again for making my last wedding so so so memorable. Take a look at all those adorable details that went into this beautiful day!! The makeup, the hair, the decorations, the locations, the dress, the beautiful beautiful people!! We couldn’t of asked for a more perfect day! Thank you again and ENJOY! xoxo


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Meet Heather. This is our coach at Crossfit Lethbridge. She is one of the most kindest, humblest, hard working sweetest person I know. She not only is one of the strongest people I know but one of the best Crossfit coaches out there! I am so so so glad that I convinced Heather to let me do these pictures of her! They turned out absolutely just the way I had pictured!!! When we first joined Crossfit I was so intimidated by the concept of “Crossfit” but as we joined and as we came to be apart of our Crossfit family we realized it really doesn’t matter at all what fitness level your at as long as your willing to work they work with you. It was incredible my first months at Crossfit I remember thinking I would NEVER be able to do a pullup or lift those heavy weights after a matter of time I got my first pullup and was ecstatic! I think everyone who has done a Crossfit class knows you get sort of addicted because there is ALWAYS something you are trying to achieve even if you have been doing it for years and years, whether its your first pushups, box jump, double under, pullup or muscle up your always trying new things and accomplishing them with the help of these fabulous coaches! Thank you Heather and all the coaches at Crossfit Lethbridge for helping me and EVERYONE at the gym be the very best they can be! If your looking to change your workout GO to CFL. They are amazing in there and like I said the coaches work with you to modify everything for you! I promise you won’t regret it! Check out these awesome pics of Heather Gillespie. She has been a competitor in the Crossfit Games and is an amazing athlete!!! Thanks again for hanging out with me.

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I can’t say enough about this little sweetheart. She was so happy to go out and take pictures whether it was for the slurpee I bribed her with or if she actually wanted to go and rock this session. I love you Mollie. You are so fun to be around. Love you!

Joy School

June 19, 2013

When we lived in Boston we had the privilege to be apart of the sweetest joy school group ever! Zack was thrilled to be doing school and it was so fun because everytime I got to teach Preston got to be apart of school too! It was so fun for the whole family really to be apart of! These sweet kids became Zack’s close friends and we sure miss them everyday!!!

All the momma teachers.

My sweet little joyschooler! Love this kid so much! Congratulations Zack for finishing your first year of Joy School!!!

Oh Canada

June 14, 2013

Hey Everyone!!! Well I guess I have never officially made the announcement. We have moved back to Canada and are super excited to be back. We really really miss our Boston and truly fell in love with the area but we are really excited for this next adventure ahead of us!! Anyways I also have some news that maybe not everyone knew??? We are having a baby End of July! We are super excited and can’t wait to meet this little bundle of joy!! Now the next item of business is that I have decided to do 6-7 shoots before the baby comes. Now dates are sort of flexible but I will not be taking anymore bookings past July 7th. So if you are wanting to book lets get you in before the 7th of July. I am excited to see all of you again and can’t wait to start planning your shoots!!!!Please Facebook message me or email me at




May 11, 2012

Hey everyone!!!!  WOW! Thank you thank you thank you for the crazy amount of interest in shoots in September! I have decided that instead of just shooting all day everyday we instead made a schedule for our trip as we have a lot of family and friends to see this time as well! (I hope all can understand that too!) So here are all the dates that I will be shooting. Now if NONE of these dates will work please email me because I am more than happy to work with you but if we can I would like to try and keep it to these dates. Thanks everyone. Please inquire about pricing.

Thanks everyone! Excited to see everyone and your cute families! Please email me or message me back if you have a date in mind. I have also started doing something a little different. I like to discuss with you and your family on what to wear, where we are going and the “style” of your shoot. I also am offering the best thing EVER! Its a video/photo DVD. It has some clips of your shoot as well as pictures. If you are interested in this please let me know as pricing is slightly different for that. They are a TREASURE to have, especially if your like me and take a while to get pictures up on your walls. They are awesome ways to show your family and friends your pictures! Check it out… So fun!!!

Emmeline from mandybakerphotography on Vimeo.

Again thank you so much for the support and the awesome response to us coming home!! We love it!
See you all soon!!!
September 11th
September 12th
September 19th
September 26th
September 27th
September 28th
September 29th
(and if we are here in October which we don’t know yet I may be taking a few clients in October, will keep you posted)


February 28, 2012

I had so much fun on this shoot. Jodie is such a stunning model and such an inspiration to me!!! Her husband and her are the coaches at CrossFitNewton and they have literally changed our lives!!! We love going there and feeling apart of their awesome family that they have created and they have made such a difference in our life in the short time we have met them! Jodie has been unbelievable to coach me along and help me with any questions I have and trust me I have a LOT of them! Thank you so much! We have had so much fun getting to know you guys and Jodie you are honestly just the most beautiful lady ever! Thanks for hanging out with me and  braving that awful cold weather you were a rock star!!!

The make up for this shoot was done by the famous Jenner Kennedy over at Make-Up Asylum. Go check her out! She does awesome awesome work!
Enjoy this fabulous sneak peak!



Paper Bag Princess Penny

February 6, 2012

I had this shoot planned in my head for quite a while now and I have just needed to find the right little girl. As soon as I saw miss Penny I had to steal her for a morning for this shoot!!! Thank you so much for hanging out with us and for letting me play with little miss Penny! What a sweet girl and she made the most PERFECT PAPER BAG PRINCESS!!! xoxo


Creative Roost Design

January 24, 2012

How could I have not posted about this yet…. Isn’t this new blog fun and the design and logo adorable!~!! I would love to take credit for it but that goes to the most TALENTED graphic designer out there!!! I loved working with Kim and had so much fun picking out what I loved and she knew exactly how I wanted it to look!!!  I told her my ideas and she just came up with the most BRILIANT design ever! She is soo fantastic. If you are looking for an amazing new design or look to your new business or whatever your creating make sure to get in contact with Kim! She is AMAZING!! AMAZING I SAY!!! Here is her website you NEED TO GO over and check it out!!! Thanks again Kim I am in LOVE!! You are the best!



November 17, 2011

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a SUPERHERO!!!!

I love these two! I can’t imagine my life without them. Although I am not a seamstress as you can tell, they had a blast running and jumping and ZOOMING through our house.. lol

Oh boys, we sure love you two rascals!! xoxo