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I had such an amazing time shooting this dream wedding!!! THe look on Dan’s face when he first saw his beautiful bride was priceless!!!! Thank you for allowing me to be apart of your big day in the most BEAUTIFUL place possible. The whole time I just kept saying can I move here 😉 it was such a fun day and it was so fun to work with these two adorable, loving and fun couple!!! Congratulations you guys you both looked amazing!!!!



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Meet Heather. This is our coach at Crossfit Lethbridge. She is one of the most kindest, humblest, hard working sweetest person I know. She not only is one of the strongest people I know but one of the best Crossfit coaches out there! I am so so so glad that I convinced Heather to let me do these pictures of her! They turned out absolutely just the way I had pictured!!! When we first joined Crossfit I was so intimidated by the concept of “Crossfit” but as we joined and as we came to be apart of our Crossfit family we realized it really doesn’t matter at all what fitness level your at as long as your willing to work they work with you. It was incredible my first months at Crossfit I remember thinking I would NEVER be able to do a pullup or lift those heavy weights after a matter of time I got my first pullup and was ecstatic! I think everyone who has done a Crossfit class knows you get sort of addicted because there is ALWAYS something you are trying to achieve even if you have been doing it for years and years, whether its your first pushups, box jump, double under, pullup or muscle up your always trying new things and accomplishing them with the help of these fabulous coaches! Thank you Heather and all the coaches at Crossfit Lethbridge for helping me and EVERYONE at the gym be the very best they can be! If your looking to change your workout GO to CFL. They are amazing in there and like I said the coaches work with you to modify everything for you! I promise you won’t regret it! Check out these awesome pics of Heather Gillespie. She has been a competitor in the Crossfit Games and is an amazing athlete!!! Thanks again for hanging out with me.

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A little Clarification.

July 18, 2011

I just wanted to post a little personal post tonight to clarify something. I just wanted everyone to know that I am taking a little break this summer not because I don’t absolutely love my job, but because well… we are moving to Boston. I heard someone say to me that they understood that jobs get old and boring…. Ladies and Gentlemen may I clearly state I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my job! Love it! I am smitten in love with it. I love taking pictures of your children! I love taking pictures of your newborns let alone cuddling and kissing them!!! I love taking pictures of your cute pregnant bellies!! And I love taking pics of you stunning brides!!!

I just wanted to clarify this up. I am not taking a break because I don’t love it anymore; I am taking a break because of a few reasons.

1.     Moving across the country and into a new country can get a little stressful lol….

2.     These cute faces… I need to spend more time with these two cute faces this summer. I have always worked and just need a little time to do the “mommy thing.’ (Only a mom understands that comment.)

3. And third, moments like these. I love my family. I love my friends. I want to be able to spend these last 4 weeks kissing, squeezing and loving on my cute cute family. My nieces, nephews, friends and family!

4.    And lastly, health. It’s very important to me and I need some time to just be a mom and cherish those moments for now. You never know what your story may be, so cherish those sweet moments with your babies. Hug that cute baby of yours one more time tonight before laying them down to sleep. Kiss your husband one more time, look into his eyes and really tell him you love him, and lastly thank the heavens above for the amazing blessings we all have in life!

So this is the reason I am taking a “break” I just wanted to spend some time with my sweet family, to be a momma bear and just well….. get ready for BOSTON! I am excited to keep going in Boston and to be able to see all the gorgeous sites and to be able to capture them! I will be back though! I will be back! I appreciate all your support and business and know that you all have truly not just been clients to me you have become life long friends and I will cherish that forever!



Well everyone we finally have some news. (NO I am not PREGNANT good try) We got word this last month that we are for sure moving to


We leave August of this year (2011) and we are REALLY EXCITED to go!

I in other words have a bit of mixed emotions some days as I have such fabulous clients! I have made some lifetime friends and have had some amazing memories made over the last 5 years! Now I talk like we are dying here but I will be back! We are living in Boston for 1 year for sure but there is a HIGH possibility we could be back after year 3. ( so in 2 years) We are really excited for this next chapter in our little families life but like I said before we are very sad to say good bye to family, friends and the people around us! We love you all and think the world of you! So why do I do this post??? 2 Reasons actually. Since we are moving this summer I won’t be doing any photography for the month of July (as you all know how fun it is to pack…lol) So I have VERY VERY LIMITED spots and that goes for family, friends, and anyone who wants to book. I would love to get everyone in but time is an issue.

2nd- I would just like to say Thank you, Thank you to all my fabulous clients for your support, for your love and for always coming back!!! I love you all and I truly think of you as close friends. Thank you.
Well Internet world keep checking back as I will continually be posting pictures of BOSTON and the fun things we get to see and do!!! (GO RED SOX!!!)

Thank you again I appreciate everyone and your support!



Valentine Mini Sessions

January 29, 2011

Ok But seriously I couldn’t just post one picture… Are these not the cutest little babies. ( I may be biast but honestly)

Book quick these will be SOO FUN! And the valentines day cards are to die for adorable. Be original this year and give a valentines with your little ones face on it.

Happy Birthday To You…

December 30, 2010

Well Its that time of year again when Christmas is over and we get to start getting ready for our New Year Bashes…. But today is a SPECIAL day… TODAY its one of my BEST FRIENDS birthdays!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICH! I posted this REALLY LATE but it was my intentions to do a little birthday blurp about my most favorite model so willing to do anything for me even if its going downtown to a laundromat? lol. Thanks for everything and always being my gorgeous willing model! (I have the most fabulous friends!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHICKO!!!! We sure love ya!

Well it wouldn’t be a birthday without a little giveaway… so if we can reach 30 comments by the end of today… SOME lucky winner will be getting a mini photoshoot!! GET COMMENTING!!!!

Leave a comment to show some love to this little gal on her special day!!!(even if you don’t know her she’ll love it anyways!!hee hee)



Cook Family

December 5, 2010

An Edit….

November 26, 2010

Ok so again and again I get asked to see a before and after photo. I normally like to just show the finished product because I love to get the “WOW” response from people. I will say though I heard this comment from a lady and it kind of threw me back. As we were at her shoot her comment went along these lines, ” well this is a nice chunk of cash for an hour of work, hey?” I at first was stunned, frustrated, livid and had a bunch of mean thoughts running through my head which I won’t go on to say what they were, but then I stopped and just stepped back a bit and had to remember she just wasn’t educated in this subject obviously. So my good friend and fellow photographer Meghan Maxwell had posted a few before and afters and as promised to her I would do the same. So here are a few of my before and afters to show that yes YOUR shoot is only an hour long. BUT… there are countless hours spent by a photogapher in front of their computer editing your images and making your picture perfect for your fabulous houses! This is not a rant I promise I just wanted to educate and show you all that although sometimes it seems that the work is just for an hour, it actually if calculated correctly can be up to 20 hours of work. (initial contact, scheduling, preparing, blog hoping for ideas, preparing gear, the actual shoot which is right you guessed it is 1-3 hours, then sorting photos, then editing, then preparing them for a blog/website, burning and getting your photos ready, and then processing orders) Like  I said before it can take up to 20 hours for one session no exaggeration. Anyways, like  I said this is by no means a rant I just wanted to let the uneducated know that it is not just an hour of work, there is a lot of time and talent that each photographer puts into their work!!!

Well my last blurb I love what I do behind the lens but I LOVE LOVE LOVE to work in photoshop and make your photos the VERY BEST they can be!  So here are a few of my before and afters!

ENJOY! (Like Meghan said its kinda scary putting your before pics up so if you love me you’ll leave a

Who doesn’t LOVE when your house smells of delicious baked apple pie?

And how about that sweet smell of Christmas cloves this time of year?

Well than this giveaway is for you!

Mandy Baker Photography is thrilled to be teaming up with Scentsy’s™ Amelia Quinton

for a fantastic giveaway!Amelia’s products are amazing! Personally I have been amazed with how divine the aromas smell, as well as how great it is for kids, and home safety. I was also blown away by the range of products Scentsy™ offers, everything from home warmers to car fresheners, and much more.

So here is what the prizes are for this little giveaway:

A THREE pack of your choice of Scentsy™ BARS and,

A FREE mini photo shoot (but get this) OF YOUR CHOICE!

  • The photo shoot will include ½ hr of shooting with 12 high resolution touched up pictures.

To get your name entered into this great giveaway, you can order from my catalogue party as follows:

Go to and on the left side of the screen there is a schedule entitled “My Open Parties” (right under Amelia’s photo). Simply scroll down the list until you come to the party called “Mandy B’s basket Party” and click on the “Buy from party” text. This will take you right to the product and purchasing page, where you can browse through all the amazing offers. If you are unsure about the actual smells, I have samples of all the aromas at my house so feel free to stop by and see what you like best. I also have catalogues at my house, if you prefer to not shop on the Internet. As you shop and make purchases, you will also be improving your chances at winning the giveaway, as the points system is as follows:

If you blog/facebook/tweet about this giveaway, you will receive 1 entry

If you spend $10 or less you will receive 2 entries

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If you spend between $20 and $30 you will receive 4 entries

If you spend between $30 and $40 you will receive 5 entries

If you spend over $40 you will receive 6 entries!

I will announce the winner on Nov 28th, 2010

I am very excited about this giveaway, and the opportunity to work side by side with Scentsy™, specifically Amelia (trust me you’ll love her!).  So kick your Christmas shopping off this year by purchasing some wonderful gifts for yourself and others form Scentsy™, and then top it off with a photo shoot of your choice just in time for the holidays!  Remember to contact me through e-mail or facebook as you shop/talk about Scentsy™ so that I can enter you into the draw.

I look forward to pulling your winning name out of the draw, so go have fun shopping!!

Oh how I love summer! This is one of my favorite seasons! I love everything about it, the sun, the air, the pool, the flowers, the green grass, bonfires, flipflops, tanktops, ponytails, toerings, aaaaand CUTE BUMS!!! oh how I love this little boy…